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Envirochild is an NGO dedicated to the goal of a healthy, sustainable, prosperous and united community in Hout Bay, creating inspiration and a model that other communities can follow in the same path.

Envirochild aims to facilitate ‘green, educational and sustainable development’ projects in Hout Bay and surrounding areas that share its vision and goals, by acting as an ‘umbrella’ organization. Envirochild is the legal and admin channel for micro and entrepreneurial projects who share its vision and goals, and it presents its 10th annual Green Faire on Sunday 16 October 2016 at Kronendal Primary School.

About the Green Faire


The Green Faire has been a successful annual event for the past 9 years and has been a showcase of green products and services, energy and water saving devices, Inspiring talks, Eco House building demo’s, Green Interactive Exhibition, Solar Powered Stage, Vegetable Growing demo’s, community projects and causes. This year the entire event will again be powered by Solar and Wind Power.

After 9 successful years the Green Faire has become a permanent feature in the community and attracts over 3000 visitors from the Cape Town metropolitan area. Since 2009 until present, the Green Faire featured the Planet Warriors Recycle Market where the children from Moravian, Sentinel, Llandudno, Kronendal, Disa, Ambleside and International Primary schools sold recycled treasures that they had made, participated in the Talent Contest (with a recording as the prize), and a Recycled Fashion show.

Not only did the children and their creations delight market goers, but it also brought new people – friends and families – to the Green Faire, Faire offering an opportunity to broaden green education and awareness to new frontiers.

Our objectives

  • To raise awareness of the urgent need to live more sustainable lifestyles.
  • To provide information and advice on how to make your home, business and community more sustainable.
  • To encourage people in the community to sign up as volunteers to contribute to their local community projects.
  • To inspire children and parents about great green innovations.
  • To inspire and encourage learners to take green issues home and make the green changes necessary to reduce their home footprint.
  • To give a platform for green companies to promote their products and services.
  • To allow the NGO and Project coordinators an opportunity to educate the public on their projects and global and local environmental issues.
  • To extend the reach of the Green Faire to the broader Cape Town Metro and to those who are not very environmentally aware or active.

Seed partnership

In 2014, the GREEN FAIRE partnered with SEED. The Interns participated in the GREEN FAIRE by volunteering for different jobs e.g. they built a ‘wishing tree’ out of recycled materials, helped layout site plan and to set up tents, stage, sound and décor, ran the talks and movies throughout the day and assisting traders. In exchange the GREEN FAIRE gave SEED a double stall to present each Interns’ profiles, in the hope to find them a job in the green sector. SEED also promoted its Thunder fund project “Mushrooms for Mitchell’s Plein”, an entrepreneurial endeavor to assist SEED to become sustainable. Though the assistance of the Green Faire and social media, SEED were able to reach their target of R40 000 to set up their project. A bus from Mitchell’s Plein, which was sponsored, transported the Intern’s families and friends to visit the GREEN FAIRE for the day. In 2015 the Green Faire partnered with the Two Oceans Aquarium, highlighting the plight of the seas and promoting their various campaigns – ‘Straws Suck’, ‘Ban the Balloon’, ‘Bin your Butts’, ‘Ban Bottled Water’, ‘Cut the Loops’ and more.

Vision for 2016

The vision is to build on the success of previous years and attract new visitors to the Green Faire by shifting the emphasis to the children – the PLANET WARRIORS providing a fun family day with interactive, interesting & innovative exhibitions and stalls. To support this, every exhibition, stall, demonstration, movie, talk and entertainment will have a green focus or message. In 2013 we expanded the Planet Warriors into workshops, available to all Primary school children in Hout Bay. By inviting experts in their field, we are inspiring the children, to follow their dreams and turn them into entrepreneurial opportunities.


  • Trash to Treasure– upcycling trash to create artworks or crafts to sell
  • Recycled Fashion show – making outfits from throw away materials
  • Sewing – making outfits for the Eco fashion show from recycled fabric
  • Talent contest – including musicians and vocals
  • Soil, Sowing and Seeding – cotton wool experiment through to harvest including soil & compost
  • Nutrition – showing Learners how to make ‘raw’ salads and making the connection between growing vegetables and eating them


  • Sewing – Eco fashion show winner receives a sewing course
  • A Talent Contest featuring musicians and singers with the winners (solo and group) receiving a recording Planet Warriors logosession at a professional studio.
  • Selling products – ‘Trash to Treasure’ products can be sold at the Green Faire

Target Market

  1. Primary school children and their families & friends in Hout Bay and the Cape Town metro.
  2. Environmentally conscious and unconscious people
  3. Local community groups and leaders from Hout Bay

Key Performance

Greener lifestyle options are becoming more popular due to Climate Change, and the public need easy access to these options exhibited at the event 5 Primary schools successfully trained over past 5 years (Kronendal, Llandudno, International, Sentinel and Moravian Primary schools) 2 new schools in 2013 – Ambleside School and Disa Primary school Rise in environmental awareness in learners and their families – ‘taking the info home and putting it into operation’ Children have learnt, and are applying entrepreneurial skills


The Green Faire is an ethical, zero waste event powered by renewable energy. We would only consider sponsors in line with our green policies. The amount you give is completely up to you.

The following are some options to consider when considering our sponsorship request:


  • R20 000 or more – Your name, description, and logo on all marketing materials, website, and recognition at the GREEN FAIRE.
  • R15 000 – Your name and description on our marketing materials and website
  • R10 000 – Your name and logo on marketing materials
  • R5000– Your name on marketing materials

Banking & Contact Details

Please see the budget provided. If you are interested in sponsoring our community event, please email us for more info. Feel  free to contact us with any additional questions. Thank you for your time. For more info please contact Danielle Klaff 072 797 0904,  e-mail , use the contact form below or visit our websites.

Envirochild Bank details


Envirochild NPC
Nedbank Hout Bay
Acc no. 114 569 6082
Branch code 167 609
Cheque account
Swift code – NEDSZAJJ