Traders Terms of Agreement

All Traders and exhibitors are subject to the following:

1. General conditions

a) Date of the Green Faire: 25 October 2014

b) Venue: Kronendal Primary School Hout Bay, Andrews Rd, HB

c) The Trader agrees be ready to trade from 10h00 on 25 October 2014, when the gates open to the public.

d) The site will be open from 07h00 on 25 October 2014 for set up of stalls and displays. Access to the site to erect displays or structures can also be arranged from 14h00 on Friday 24 October

e) The Trader is to continue trading until 18h00 on25 October 2014, as the entertainment ends at 18h00.

f) The gates will be locked by 22h00 on 25 October 2014, and breakdown of displays and stands and removal of Trader’s goods from site should be completed by then. Stalls must operate from the designated area only.

g) The Trader will be responsible for their own stalls, tables, stall, plugs and extension leads, unless agreed otherwise in writing.

h) No independent sound systems or sound amplifiers will be used by the Trader.

i) Traders are responsible for maintaining a clean and tidy environment in and around their stall.

2. Payment and Fees

a) The Trader will pay :

Large Business – R800
Small business – R500
NGO’S – R200
community projects and schools FREE
CES – T250 R250
15% of sales in special circumstances (request must be given in writing).
b)Space for the Trader will only be allocated once payment is received and proof of payment is emailed to the address below.

c) Until such time as full payment is received, the Green Faire reserves the right to allocate the Trader’s space and right to trade at the Green Faire to another Trader or Exhibitor.

d)Payment for trading is non-refundable.

e)For the use of a power – solar and wind- , there is a fee of R50.

3. Responsibility of the Green Faire

It is the responsibility of the Green Faire to provide the Trader with the following:

a. A safe and secure environment for trading.

b. Access required for set-up and breakdown.

c. 1 x Plug point if requested in writing and subject to fee above.

d. Promoting your product, service or cause on our website.

4. Responsibility of the Trader

a. It is the responsibility of the Trader to trade fairly and responsibly throughout the duration of the Green Faire.

b. It is the responsibility of The Trader to respect the ecological ethos of the event.

Traders selling food or drinks (ignore if not applicable):

c. Traders cooking will not bring gas canisters exceeding 9kg onto site. Traders bringing gas need to inform us due to fire regulations.

d. Traders selling food or drinks will observe the highest standards of hygiene, including:

i. Ensuring that its facilities and cooking utensils are kept immaculately clean.

ii. Utilizing only clean and compostable or recyclable utensils and holders/packaging for food and drink, with reused materials having been cleaned.

iii. Utilise, in the preparation of food and drink, ingredients which are clean, free of disease, which do not have expired shelf lives and which have not been exposed to the elements for any excess period of time.

5. Cancellation

a. In the event of cancellation by the Trader, after signature of this agreement, for any reason, the Green Faire shall be entitled to retain the full payment.

b. Cancellation of this agreement must be made in writing.

6. Legal

a. The Trader shall not have the right to cede or transfer this agreement to any third party without the written consent of The Green Faire.

b. The Green Faire shall not be liable for any costs incurred by The Trader for the recovery of any amounts or for the enforcement of any rights which it has herein, including collection charges and costs on an attorney /own Client scale whether incurred prior to or during the institution of legal proceedings or if judgment has been granted in connection with the satisfaction or enforcement of such judgment.

c. The Trader indemnifies and holds Green Faire and Envirochild, its directors, office bearers, members, employees, agents and assignees harmless against any liability relating to the Trader’s participation in the Green Faire. This includes, without limitation:

i. All forms of taxation in connection with sales or business conducted by the Trader.

ii. Claims arising from ill-effects to consumers/ users of the Trader’s products.

iii. Claims arising from adverse trading conditions (The Trader acknowledges that they have read the Green Faire “Info for Traders” document and are aware that the Green Faire trading activities are outside and are subject to the weather).

iv. Damage to or loss of property, and Injury, trauma or fatality.

(The aforementioned does not mean that Green Faire and Envirochild will not exert itself to ensure a safe and secure environment for trading!)

d. This indemnity shall continue in full force and effect after the Green Faire and notwithstanding the cancellation of this agreement.